• reducers – Reducers that you want to merge from left to right without nesting, similar to the original, but with support for Cmds.


For an explanation of why reduceReducers is useful, see this Stack Overflow post.


Standard example

import { reduceReducers } from 'redux-loop';
import reducerWithSideEffects from './reducer-with-side-effects';
import plainReducer from './plain-reducer';

export default reduceReducers(reducerWithSideEffects, plainReducer);

Passing extra params

If you pass extra parameters to the reducer returned by combineReducers, they will be passed through to each nested reducer.

function reducer1(state = {}, action, arg){
  return state;

function reducer2(state, action, arg){
  return state;

const reducer = reduceReducers(reducer1, reducer2);
reducer(undefined, {type: 'foo'}, 'abc');
//abc will be logged twice (once for reducer1 and once for reducer2)

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