liftState(state): [any, Cmd]

  • state: any – an object which may be the state of the redux store, or an existing [any, Cmd] pair created by loop().


Automatically converts objects to loop() results. If the value was created with loop(), then the function behaves as an identity. Otherwise, it is lifted into a [any, Cmd] pair where the effect is Cmd.none. Useful for forcing reducers to always return a loop() result, even if they shortcut to just the model internally.


import { compose } from 'redux';
function reducer(state, action) {
  switch(action.type) {
    case 'LOAD_START':
      return loop(
        { ...state, isLoading: true },, {
           successActionCreator: resolveActionCreator,
           failActionCreator: rejectActionCreator,
           args: []
    case 'LOAD_COMPLETE':
      return {
        isLoading: false,
        result: action.payload,
      return state;

// This guarantees that the return value of the reducer will be a loop result,
// regardless of if it was set as such in the reducer implementation. This makes
// it much easier to manually compose reducers without cluttering reducer
// implementations with `loop(state, Cmd.none)`.
export default compose(liftState, reducer);

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